Friday, March 22, 2013

A sneaky healthy breakfast for kiddos!

I've been wanting to share this recipe (if you can call it that) for a while, as I know how hard it can be to give children a healthy breakfast that keeps them full all morning without having to give them that lunch ruining snack, mid morning.
Excuse the ghetto cell phone pic, but it was early, and being Mormon, we don't get to do that whole coffee thing, so waking up tends to take a little earlier...the Canon is safer left in it's cupboard before 8am.

I always have a tub of ground oatmeal in our pantry. I use it for different thing,  but mostly for smoothies and this recipe. I literally just pour a bunch of the oats in my blender (we have the Ninja, it is awesome!) and grind them up till they are powdery.
I then just take as much as I think my 4 will eat, put it in my mother-in-laws lovely bowl that I haven't returned yet (Oops!) and add coconut milk to it. Just enough till it looks a little too liquidy. I then heat it until the consistency is how you prefer it. We like it so it holds form a little. 
If you don't like the idea of chocolate then you can use the vanilla coconut milk which tastes a little sweeter than regular coconut milk. But, if like me, you are a nutella fiend, then go ahead and a dollop. Since the oatmeal is warm, it melts right in. Add until you like the taste...just don't go crazy, or you might be pulling your kids down from the ceiling, with all that sugar! ; )
The texture is a lot easier for children to chow down on, and the chocolate tricks them into thinking they're eating something suuuuper naughty at breakfast, but actually it's super healthy, and just a little bit naughty! 
You have got to try it, it really is soooo goooood! {and no, it's not just for kids! ;)}

Bon Appetit! 

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