Friday, March 22, 2013

Picture this....

I've been playing with my camera a little over the last few days and wanted to share some of the outcomes!

Welcome to a snippet of my life....{click on the image to make it larger}

 His laugh. I can hear it from this photo. ♥

 Every day, after his nap, he comes downstairs and lays on the couch and watches
 cartoons until the grogginess is gone.

Poser. Max, our resident long-haired chihuahua, who believes he is King. When booking a vet appointment the other day, they asked me his age, I said nearly 7yrs and she said "Oh, so he's getting to be an old man then!", I hadn't thought about it, and now i'm starting to notice the little grey hairs poking through in his eyebrows and muzzle's crazy how pets really become part of the family. ♥

Our newest recuit...Piper. She is a border collie lab mix, and was rescued from our local shelter.
We just found out she is older than what we originally thought, and is approx 6 months old. She is the funniest dog, and keeps everyone entertained with her antics. 
Hoping to have her trained properly in the next couple months so she can channel her energy properly. These big dogs need attention and exercise, so we want to learn properly how to work
 with her, since she's a little different than a chihuahua! ; )

 I have been jealous of this little man's lips since he was born.
 The colour swatch is pulled from his actual lip colour...lush.

Gosh, I love this little girl! She has the sweetest spirit. I'd want to wrap her in cotton wool 
and protect her from this world if I didn't have a feeling that the world might be needing
 strong little girls like her someday... ♥

Oh my goodness, he melts me. I love everything about this picture, from his sour mouth reaction, to the binky clasped in one of his ridiculously huge hands. 

After nap time (around 2pm) is when they are allowed to use anything electronic, so it's quite the connundrum to decide between a learning tablet and cartoons! 

Well, there are a few photos for you, I'd love to hear a little feedback if you feel like commenting! It's always a little intimidating seeing how many people have viewed my posts, but then silently wandered away...I'd love to know what you think! Do you like this style of photography, or do you prefer a cute backdrop and posed pictures? 
Have a great weekend friends!! It's Friiiidaaaaayyyy!!!!! : )

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  1. You use the camera in an unobtrusive way…your subjects are portrayed in a simplistic and natural way. In reality, they are exactly as they are seen through these photographs.
    I should know they are my grandchildren! ( I claim no bloodline to Max & Piper!)

    You use the camera as an artist would use paint and brush.
    I should know…you are my darling

    James Corless (Dada) (Papa)


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