Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress report {1}...

Eeep! I feel the need to update my blog readers (although there are very few right now since I switched blogs and made my previous one private... :( I'll have to work on that!) on how the weight loss journey was going.

I'm actually having a LOT of fun doing this! I feel like i've changed on the inside too. This is only in 3 weeks! 1 week of just eating better, another week of eating completely well (nothing yuk at all!) and then this last 7days, eating really well and adding on exercise. I'm doing attempting Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, and am LOVING it!

It has only been 7 days of working out and i've noticed changes in my body. I never thought i'd see a difference this fast, but it just goes to show! : ) It's important to add that I have in no way cheated, I have not snuck in a burger, a portion of fries, a bag of candy etc., I have been diligent with every choice i've been making. I finally feel like I understand what it is that people get so "obsessed" with. It's that feeling that you have after the workout of knowing you pushed your body just that little bit further than you thought it would go. For instance, i'm not all that flexible, being 5"8, i've always been kind of awkward as far as flexibility, but in 7 days i'm already stretching way further than when I started, i'm getting further into the straddle thing she does in the cool down and it just feels like it's getting easier and easier! It's such a good feeling. {Yes, yes, I know, it's only been 3 weeks of doing this, and some may find this excitement annoying, but may I refer you back to my first post where I said this was my blog and my opinions...yes? k. Glad we have that sorted. ;) }

I need to take some honest pictures of how my bod looks now. None of the "from above so you can't see my double chin" bad boys! Haha! I want to see the change, from start to where I meet my goal. I'm going to say finish, as I really don't want to finish. I want to reach my goal, and then maintain, but staying active and healthy. I feel so happy now that I can finally do the things i've been wanting to do. Just walking at a moderate speed for a mile hike would leave me in agony the next day, so this surgery has made big improvements to my life. I'm able to do jumping jacks without pain, jump rope, and crunches. These are all things most people despise, and probably would think they would enjoy having an excuse not to do, but when actually can't physically do them, it really does suck. So this surgery was such a blessing and really did change my life. I think the biggest thing that helped was removal of the nerves going from my uterus. My uterus is still pretty much shot, and the Dr admitted, a huge mess, but I just wasn't ready to be rid of it (TMI?), so we did that nerve removal procedure. Basically it means, even though there is most likely still pain down there, I don't feel it. I will eventually return and get myself sorted once and for all, but for now, this will do, and it means I can at least start to get back in shape and being the girl I remember being before I put my body through 3 pregnancies and then took care of 4 children. I love being a mummy, but I'll be the first to admit that I need that "me" time. Where you just do something for you. Sometimes just a shower where someone isn't standing outside of it tapping on the door, is enough! Haha! But now, it's my workout time, and then that awesome accomplished feeling you get when you've finished it. Seriously, I think i'm officially addicted.

I've been browsing different store sites for sports bras and also yoga pants. The best place I found (endorsed by a friend of mine who owns a few of their clothing items) is called LuluLemon. If you like sportswear to wear not just for sports, but for casual every day wear, then you NEED to visit this site, here. My favourite thing and number one on my wish list are the wunderunders. I guess they are super tight leggings that make your tush looks it's best! Can't argue with that!
Well, speaking of all this fun stuff, I need to get on with my workout as the kiddos are in bed now.
Peace out y'all! ;)

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  1. Yay well done - Jillian is a genius! I am now on Level 2 and most def feeling it


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