Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Cream....

While i'm working on the Erin Condren vlog, I thought i'd share a fun recipe we made yesterday!

So if like us, you've had a bunch of snow, i'm going to suggest you do this, as it pretty much blows everyones mind. Haha!

We made "Snow Cream"!! Ice cream, out of snow, and it was delicious. Seriously.

Here's how we did it....

8 cups {clean} fresh snow
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cream
1/2 cup sugar
Dash of vanilla
{I whisked up the sugar, cream, milk and vanilla first so I didn't have to overwork the snow}

Take the milk/cream/sugar/vanilla mixture and add slowly to the metal bowl of snow, mixing gently as you go.  Once it's all incorporated, you're done. Simple as that! 

Add sprinkles and voila!!

Tip: Collect in a metal bowl as this keeps the snow colder and frozen longer. We scooped using a metal cocktail shaker to ensure the least meltage.

Other fun ideas would be to make snow cones, and just add flavoured syrup to your snow, (i'm not a fan of this too much, simply because those colours send my children up the wall! haha!) Create different flavours by changing up the essence from vanilla to key lime, strawberry and try adding fresh fruit like chopping strawberries! 
 There are endless combos to be had, but just remember, MAKE SURE it is CLEAN FRESH snow! 

Happy Snow Day! : )

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