Thursday, November 19, 2015

Containers: Glass VS Plastic

Hey friends! Still organizing the house over here. So lots of organizational things are on my mind today. I finally did something i've been meaning to do for years! I bagged up all our tupperware and threw it into the recycling dumpster at our local grocery store. It was exhilarating! hahaha! Ok, not quite, but almost.

Don't get me wrong here, I love containers...all sorts of containers. The container store is pretty much how I think heaven might look. However, we've learned over the last few years a few things about plastic, and came to the conclusion that for us, we would feel better replacing all tupperware with something safer. Glass. Oh, and bonus, glass looks so much prettier! haha!

So here are a few facts about plastic that you may or may not know:

{Some of the tupperware that got send to recycling! Byeeeee!}

  • There should always be a little triangle with a code on any plastic container you buy, this tells you what type of plastic it is. The numbers range from 1 through 7. {Food codes should always be 1, 2, 4 and 5. Number 3 is vinyl/PVC and PVC creates dioxin, a potent carcinogen(!) that affects humans, animals and the environment.  6 is polystyrene which can leach styrene, a known neurotoxin which can result in harmful health effects. and 7 could be a few different plastics, including polycarbonate (a harmful synthetic estrogen), bioplastic and acrylic. 3 and 7 might contain BPA (a BIG no no for foods/drinks, so make sure you check!!)}
  • Never reheat food in any kind of plastic or leave in a hot car etc where the plastic can be heated up. If you own any plastic that looks old/worn GET RID OF IT.
  • Recycle! But make sure you understand what you are recycling and that is accepted in your recycling bin. Different plastics sometimes have different rules!
  • I urge you to do some of your own research if any of this seems confusing or unlikely, there's a bunch of sites out there that discuss pros/cons plastics vs glass. 
OR, choose GLASS

We love the glass option as it doesn't need to be repurchased since it can be used over and over again. It doesn't dull or crack over time (unless you drop it!) You can use hot or cold without any effect on the container, but best of all? It isn't harmful to us or the environment!!

Does this sound biased?  haha! It's meant to. I am biased. I added up in my head the amount of times i've purchased new tuppaware because it's lost, lids are mismatched or the plastic has started to look a little worse for wear. We picked up a reasonable box of glass containers at Costco with pretty snap on lids {see pic: I believe it was called Pyrex Snap Ware and was priced super reasonably}. We may have to buy a couple more to have a complete collection, but that's it, no more re-buying, not to mention that my cupboards look so cute now. It's the simple things!

It's interesting how all the changes we seem to be making are going BACK in time, not forward. We are going back to simpler times. I've found that convenience often comes at a price and am learning that taking a few extra minutes is not only worth it, but beneficial and makes me feel
accomplished. now if only any of my grandparents were still alive, i'd be soaking up all their tips for housekeeping, and maybe even have pinched a couple of the cute old glass containers I remember sitting on my grandma's shelves. She used to keep her cake/trifle decorations in them, silver balls/sprinkles and nuts. Funny the things that stick with you.

So are you a plastic or glass fan? I can see the light weight of plastic being a plus, but the pros of glass for us won us over. I love that I can heat up any leftovers in the container they were stored in!

Anyways...It's nearly the weekend!! Friday is the weekend warm up, hope everyone has something fun planned. We are prepping for visitors as i'm sure many others are, and my mum flies in from England next week. Can.not.wait. That means date nights for husband and I and solo shopping trips for me and spending a couple mornings laying in as mum loves to have the kids all to herself. Will post some pics of the week i'm sure! For now, signing off.

Stay well!! -xoxo

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