Friday, November 20, 2015

How to party (x3!) without the stress of over spending!

So we had a couple birthday's this summer...first it was the littlest's and he was turning the big ONE, my heart broke ever so slightly that day, my last baby was becoming a toddler...*sigh*. Then it was the twins 7th. Now this was the first year the twins had decided they didn't want a joint party. They had their own ideas and that was that.

So for the first birthday boy, we chose no actual theme. Haha! We just kept it plain and simple. He was pleased, so that was the main thing. I try to make most things myself to keep cost down, but there are certain things that actually cost less and save time when buying them premade. For instance, banners at target are $3 in Bullseye's deals spots. Mostly they come plain, so adding letters or numbers can be simple. You can even get those pre-cut letters/numbers they sell for poster boards. We had a bunch of scrap paper so it was most affordable to whip out the guillotine and cut up some triangles and print some letters out. Maybe not so profesh looking, but life with 5 children isn't always glam.

The cute cake was made by my mother in law. She traditionally makes their cakes, and this one was just perfect. Tasted awesome too! Again, i've seen some really ellaborate cakes in my time since being a mummy, where people have spent $$$, but again, this is not neccessary, unless it's something you are really into. A simple cake can be spruced up with accents so maybe spend less on the cake and add some cuteness with mini cake banners found here , or take inspo from these and make your own with paper straws and scrap paper. My mother in made cute little arrows with kebab sticks and scrap paper. So many options!

As for those Macarons...homemade if you please! *cue cheers and applause*. I used this recipe, the macaron recipe is at the bottom of the cake recipe, so just keep scrolling! I advise you to follow the recipe carefully, it's easy to mess up.

Ok, now onto partying with twins. Again, we kept it simple, but they loved it.  

Our son chose Harry Potter as his theme. We treated him to a cloak and glasses to make him feel the magic a little stronger. We actually went to the store together and he picked out the decorations he wanted so that it wasn't too scary. Haha! Luckily it was Halloween time of year and so we had the perfect time of year for this theme. Our daughter chose "tea party" to be her theme. She is girly pink sparkles through and through. Again we chose decorations together, and it was all rainbows and butterflies and she was the most excited about her sash and tiara. We used little banners she had for her bedroom at one point that I was holding onto in case we needed them, and they looked so cute as the backdrop. So sweet.
Again, the cakes were super awesome for the both of them and received lots of oohs and ahhs. So much cuteness!

 So remember next time you party, not everything needs to be new or bought! Remember the things you have tucked away, and keep it simple. The children won't remember the little details that you panic over, the little details they remember will be you celebrating with them. They will remember you being present, not the presents. Seriously, I can't think of a birthday that I remember all the little things that my mum did, I just remember her smile when they had turned the lights out and she was smiling behind glowing candles singing happy birthday, and I remember her making the dinner special and adding some cute birthday balloons to the kitchen. I just remember feeling special. Posting the perfect party to instagram isn't what it's about, so don't get caught up in that!! Oh, and remember, looks are deceiving, we didn't go crazy with the budget but mananged to make it look like we went all out. Camera angles help a whole bunch too! ;)

Happy partying!

Stay well. ~xoxo

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