Saturday, November 21, 2015

What I miss about England...

Who wants to know a little more about me? Ok, i'll give you a little background of where I grew up and a few things that I really miss about home. 

Here is a cute little map I pinched from here that shows the location in England where I grew up from age 2. We are the little village just south of the center, called Biddenden. We lived in the county Kent which is South East England, not too far from Euro Tunnel or the Ferry port to France, Dover. It is a really beautiful part of England. London was about a 45 min drive, or roughly 1hr on the train to Charing Cross with all the stops.

Here is a sneaky peek view of the village. It's pretty much your quintessential Kent village and just as pretty as you might imagine. There is a couple pubs, a small shop, a couple gift style shops, hairdressers, a small fancy restaurant and a tea shop.
..and the home I grew up in:
My heart skips a beat when I see this picture. This was the picture used when they sold it. It was sold after I had moved to the US but I got to sneak back home and say goodbye. So many fun memories were made here. I can still hear the crunch of the gravel when we would run and play.  We had geese, ducks, ponies and a horse growing up, and our animals were treated as family. I mean, we literally named them after extended family members. Haha!!

 The Kent scenery surrounding my home is very much like this, this is an area called Tunbridge Wells and is about 20mins from where we lived:

 Greenery, hills and sheep. Lots of sheep. Haha!

Ok, so that was a sneaky peek into my childhood and where I grew up. I loved taking my children back and can't wait to go again. Maybe one day we will find our way back to live there. 
Doesn't hurt to dream.....right?

Now onto some of the things I miss:
  •  My mum. We are best friends and I wish she lived close by so we could stop by each others house for a chat, or if I was sick she could take the kiddos (who adore her), or if either of us needed something from the shops we could just pick it up for eachother, or go to the gym together etc. The little things. (obviously my siblings and family we miss bunches too...but i'd be here all day going through family members..)
  • My dad. His sense of humour and seeing him with his "grandlings" as he calls them. He also teaches them art when he is with them, and I love how they ooh and ahh when they see his drawings. (He's an artist, if you didn't guess.), and to watch him introduce him to the music he brought us up with. We were exposed to everyone genre, our home was never without music.
  • My friends. bestie since school days. We were inseperable despite being at different schools...yes, she used to visit me at school...BOARDING school. My mum would sneak her in to see me. Haha!
 This was home for me during term time.
  • The food. Ohhhh the food. I don't care what the rumours are, we do food well in England. Home cooked food is the best but even the takeaways are good. Indian food, Kebab shops and fish and chips! Yes.
  • Pubs. There is nothing like a good local pub for a ploughman's lunch and drink.
  • Walks in the woods with the family in coats and wellies.
  • I love the feeling of our villages, not seeing billboards and signs everywhere, it just seems a little quieter and peaceful. We definitely don't have superstores everywhere either, and I like that. I understand not everyone likes the country life, but I do, and I miss it. Convenience is overrated.
  • Chocolate. Trust me on this. It's SO good.
  • Traditions that I am familiar with. I have worked hard to understand the holidays and traditions here so that our children get the true American experience, but I'll always miss the way we did things back in England and I try to incorporate those in our life here. Including how I dress the children. I try to keep a little Britishness up here and there, even when I get some odd looks from people. It's my culture and i'm proud of it!
  • The television and radio. I do try to catch up with my favourites on You Tube!
  • London and the glory of it all. It's such a special city. If you haven't visited, you must. Seriously. There is so much history, culture, GOOD FOOD!!
Ok, well that's just a few things that I miss, there's a whole bunch more but I could be here for a while writing them all....I need to add, I do love living in the States with my family, and would love anywhere I lived if they were with me, but take a think about how you feel about your home. We may speak the same language, but we are different cultures altogether and sometimes it's still hard not to feel a little lost. I wonder about my children's accents if we lived back home, how they would sound, and how we all might live. I'm sure we all do this to an extent though.
Sorry for the nostalgia, but maybe it's helped you understand a little more of who I am and where I'm from. It was fun having a little blast from the past moment and to allow myself to think about home. A little homesickness and I vomit mushy words about England! Hahaha! Sorry!!!

Ok, this sap is signing off. Going to diffuse some JOY and get dinner ready!
Mum gets here Tuesday! Eeeeeeeeep!

Stay well ~xoxo


  1. This is funny. I found your blog via Instagram and
    read this. I was brought up in Ashford and my grandparents lived in Bethersden. I love the Weald of Kent.

    1. Wow! Such a small world. I know both towns well. I used to go to church in Ashford, and know the girls school there well. Do you live in the states now then? Thanks for reading the blog! :)

  2. Funny! No, I don't live in the States but in London so still get down to Kent quite often.


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