Monday, December 14, 2015

Audio books for young children

We are a family who loves books. I always loved them as a child, and so did my husband. We always knew we wanted our children to fall in love with books as much as we did. Along with books, my two brother and I also listened to audio books at bedtime. So much so, that I know a few almost by heart. We even listened to a couple television/radio series on tape, The Goon Show (which is utter ridiculousness, and I barely head nor tail of it, but we would giggle all the same) and Fawlty Towers which was basically just the shows audio, and we would laugh at John Cleese and co. until we fell asleep.
I am here though to give some ideas for younger listeners (8 and under). There are many reasons we love audio books... It's not always possible to read every night to children, especially when you're spreading yourself between multiple children, and the younger ones don't want to sit still, sometimes it's just fun to hear someone else read and do fun voices, they think it's a treat to listen to a story and all the while they're absorbing language, vocab and feeding their imaginations.
Here is a little list of some of our favourites, and also a few that we have yet to listen to:

  • Harry Potter, read by Stephen Fry, because he is the ABSOLUTE BEST. Trust me on this. (So far we only listen to the first two books. The others get a little intense. Our rule is once they are old enough to read the next books then they can get the audio book and watch the movies)
  • Peter Pan (found on
  • Bedtime Stories by Johnny Morris (This one is for 6 and younger I would say. Super fun and lots of great voices for the animals. Found on itunes)
  • The Peter Rabbit Collection by Beatrix Potter (iTunes)
  • Just William by Richmal Crompton (iTunes)
  • My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards (iTunes)
  • The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (
  •  Any Roald Dahl that is made for a young reader, because you can't really go wrong with these awesome books. James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the chocolate Factory, The Twits etc.
  • Enid Blyton's Famous Five or Secret Seven series. These are BRILLIANT for the upper end of the age group and even older. We listened to these as kids for a long time. (I had such a hard time finding these and ended up ordering the disc on amazon and then loading it onto my iTunes that way)
  • Enid Blyton Mallory Towers, or any of her one off books. They are CHARMING! 

Ok, so those are some of our absolute faves.
We get ours from two main places. iTunes is great as it directly downloads to iTunes and we just load it onto their ipod. The other place is, this site is AWESOME. (No i'm not being paid for this, haha!) You can sign up for a free month where you can try it out and you get an audio book for free. Then you have two options, for $14.95 you get one book a month on credit, or for $22.95 you can get two. It's a pretty nice setup, and the download process is simple and explained clearly. With both services you can preview the reader, this is a super important step for me. It really makes a difference who is reading and what they put into it, the voices and how they speak, as believe it or not there are some who are pretty uninspiring or even annoying to listen to. So make sure you listen a little before you buy. Once we have loading the ipod with the books we stick it in the dock outside their bedrooms. They listen at bedtime, 7:30pm and fall asleep to them. You'll be surprised how much of the stories stick and will notice them falling in love with these stories that they will want to read later on, or will inspire them to read more books.
Obviously nothing takes away from parents reading, but this is something we like to add to our children's lives, and something I adored when I was growing up. They are awesome for long car rides or when you're waiting for some children in clubs etc.

Don't forget about yourself too! I love browsing and treating myself to an escape every now and again. Also, remember podcasts are free and there are a BUNCH of those I love. I listen to all the "How Stuff Works", Desert Island Discs (these are BRILLIANT if you enjoy getting to know celebrities/public figures in a more personal way...really great guests on that show), Stuff you Missed in History class etc. They have podcasts for every interest out there, so you can learn while you are doing your usual mundane activities. Give it a go!!

Any ideas for children's audio books? Podcasts for adults? Share below!

~Stay Well...xoxo

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