Friday, December 18, 2015

Gingerbread dough that holds it's shape!

Who doesn't love gingerbread at this time of year? {Don't answer that if you don't...don't rain on my parade, thanks.} The children ask me to make it every year as we don't eat the gingerbread from the houses they decorate because they tend to be made with not the greatest of ingredients, so I kind of owe them in a sense, for being THAT mum. Haha!

So i've always had issues with my gingerbread mix in the past. I've proudly made the dough, then rolled and cut out the little men, put it in the oven then when i've gone to get them out they've melted into undefined blobs, not even vaguely resembling a person...urgh. NOT festive.

But.....duh duh duuuhhhhhhhhhh!!! After pinteresting for a while I found a recipe I liked the look of and that claimed it wouldn't spread. So I gathered everything I needed and got baking.

It's LEGIT. They totally worked, and were actually super straight forward to make. I took some pics to show you a few of the steps and what it looked like when I was doing it to give you an idea. The recipe is linked above and below, so use either link.

 The dough came out perfectly without any tweaking with flour!
 Look how sweet my little guys are...
 They came out exactly the same as they went in. Perfection!

 We had some googly eyes left over from Halloween so I just used those,
and used mini m&ms for the buttons/necklaces/bows and bowties. Adorbs, no?
 So if this recipe looks appealing to you, head over to The Kitchen Paper blog and try the recipe out for yourself. If I can do can you!!! Seriously!

{After cleanup and counters were wiped down I put purification in the diffuser 
and  I'm now sat with my feet up updating the blog and relaxing for the rest of 
the evening as a lasagna bakes in the oven. Bliss.}

 ~Stay well.....xoxo

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