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When cold/flu season hits.... {BE PREPARED WITH A ROUTINE!}


           Yes!....i'm going there. Let's tackle flu season and kiddos! manages to creep into everyone's home. I have some tips that REALLY work, and will help you get through the sick days with the least stress and mess.

I'm going to cover snotty children, puking children and coughing children...and all the stuff in between. So just use the stuff that applies to you at the time...hopefully not all at the same time (God bless you if that's the case!!)

{Disclaimer: I am NOT a Doctor, and this is simply a routine we use as a family to feel better, it is NOT a medical treatment and is not intended as a cure! These are MY thoughts and opinions only. Always refer to your Doctor in cases where you are at all concerned, if they have a fever etc. before trying someone elses ideas out!}

Firstly let me say, there is no sure way of keeping sickies out of the house, but this is how we help the situation not escalate or worsen by:
  • Keeping hands washed (we use Thieves handwash, Honest or California baby)
  • Keeping home surfaces clean. I try to make sure I wipe countertops/bathroom door handles/flush handle/remote controls/keyboard surfaces/fridge door handle etc down with thieves household cleaner daily. That might sound like a lot, but if you have children send them around the house with a damp cloth and a thieves spray, they'll love that they can be the "sprayer" and are helping you. Never underestimate what your children are capable of, and you can rest knowing that the cleaner is non-toxic so won't be harmful to them in anyway. Bonus, the house will smell great! I would always feel so guilty before I knew about theives as I hated spraying everything with a chemical filled anti-bac spray knowing that the harsh smell couldn't be good for them to be breathing in, but wanting germs killed all the same.
          Thank goodness for thieves. Seriously. {To read more about Thieves cleaner, click HERE. I'm hearing that angelic music again!!}

  • During cold & flu season we diffuse a few different oils depending on the situation. Thieves obviously spends a lot of time in our diffuser but for stuffed up noses/sinus problems we are all about R.C. I use a couple extra drops for a stronger effect when one or more of them are really stuffy. Other oils you can diffuse for these symptoms are: Peppermint, Raven, Eucalyptus Radiata and Lemon, on their own or mixed.
  • When a child is really feeling under the weather with a cold I usually have a set up that they all love and know will happen so they know the drill pretty much every time now. This is when they are truly not well and not just for a little seasonal sniffle, but more severe cold/flu/stomach bug:   
The Recliner Rehab:

        • We have a recliner chair that is known as the sick chair when someone comes down with a cold/flu. I cover it with a waterproof sheet and a bed sheet (because you know....bodily fluids are a thing with cold/flu) and so when they are feeling better you can just lift it all off and throw in the wash rather than steaming and anti-baccing the chair.
        • Have their favourite (washable) blanket to cover them.
        • A teddy that is o.k to get tossed in the washer at the end of the day. Explain that their favourite teddy might be best left in bed when they are poorly.
        • A sticker/activity book. I tend not to have them read as I don't want to encourage headaches at this point.
        • Hot water bottle/heated lavender bean bag teddy (like this one) if wanted.
        • I put an audiobook or two on the family ipod and give them headphones to listen with, which is a novelty in itself. Some of our favourite audiobooks are Harry Potter (read by Stephen Fry...he is simply the best!), Peter Pan and The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton, that one is read by multiple children and is read like a's brilliant!)
        • As a treat I set up my laptop on a chair next to them and they choose their movies all day (this is to make sure they stay put and rest rest rest!)
        • I always keep a few of those 16/32oz soda cups on hand for when they are vomiting. I stick a paper napkin in the bottom so there's no splashback, and from age 2 they know if they are going to be sick and can't reach the bathroom to put that to their mouth. It contains the puke and you can empty the contents in the toilet bowl and then toss the cup in the trash, so there's no need to wash any vomit in your sinks (thus spreading germs) and no extra cleaning work for you on top of looking after a sick child.
        • Peppermint oil roller for them to apply as they wish when feeling nauseous. 
        • A box of tissues with an empty tissue box taped to the side of it. Seriously, this is rather genius in that there's no more finding gross crumpled up tissues all over the place. They take one, use it and toss it in the empty container when done. Then when it's full throw that one away and use the newly empty one as the new "trash" box. Brilliant, no? Also babywipes are on hand at all times.
        • A small bowl of crackers to pick at if they're a little peckish and plenty of fluids/electrolyte drinks. But take my word for it...ALWAYS stick to clear or barely there (never artificial) coloured food/drink....when they puke the bright colours up your furniture will never be the same!! haha!! Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • With any sickness that involves sniffing/coughing we apply a homemade vapor rub. The recipe we use is: 
Essential Oil Vapor Rub 

1/4 Cup coconut oil, Melted

6-12 Drops RC Essential Oil

6-12 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
4-8 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
4 Drops Raven Essential Oil
6 Drops Thieves Essential Oil 
(give or take the drops...I think it's personal preference and depending on desired strength)
Carefully melt the coconut oil then add the EOs, 
whisk together until blended,
put in the fridge to harden and either leave there, 
or store in a cool place to remain hardened.
Apply to chest and back liberally, 
and bottom of the feet 
(we have them pop socks on over the top too!)

  • When any of them are suffering from Croup which happens quite a bit in the Winter, we usually take them into the bathroom sit on the edge of the bath and turn the shower on super hot and sit with them in the room as it steams up. I usually put a couple of Olbas oil drops on their jammies to help clear their sinuses. 
    Did anyone else remember this smell as a child? It was one we used all the time when we were little. (As with ANY neat essential oil, be sure not to leave them in a spot children can touch them. They do not know how to determine which ones are safe to use where/how. Olbas should not be put near eyes/ingested etc, so make sure only YOU handle it. It's a wonderful tool when used correctly!). We sometimes will take them outside for a minute if it's chilly and let them breathe in the cold air. I know that sounds strange but their pediatrician suggested it and it really has worked for us in the past. Then I make sure they have a good vapor rub applied and diffuser in their room.
    Basically when sickness hits we have a routine, a routine that keeps them resting, happy and calm, all the while keeping me sane, and making sure I don't get overwhelmed by laundry, cleaning messes and overtired children. With five children who have, occasionally all been sick at the same time, routine is EVERYTHING.

    {Of course, when it's more than just a simple cold/flu or they have a high fever we call the Doctor. We would never bypass getting a Dr's opinion or going into the office when it is something more serious!!}

    Ok, so that might have seemed like a whole bunch of info, but it's pretty straight forward really. My favourite part of them being poorly is that they slow down for a minute, and so take the time to sit with them and read a book to them, watch a movie with them etc. 

    Sending all the healthy vibes to you this cold season, and hope if this is a time of year you celebrate, that you're almost ready and not feeling too stressed!

    What cold remedies do you have that work in your family?  I'd love to hear!

    If you would like to know more about the Essential Oils i'm referring to in this post, please get in touch via the contact page, or head on over to our website and read up on Young Livings AWESOME company. We get all our oils from them, and because of their unique "Seed to Seal" process we can trust that we are getting the purest form of oils and never have to worry where they came from, who tampered with them or the contents. I love getting people started on their oily journey, so please don't hesitate to ask questions!!
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    Stay well.... ~xoxo

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