Monday, December 14, 2015

Young Living earning possibilities...

If any of you are like me, the idea of working from home sounds a little ridiculous, since it already feels like my days are filled to the max. However, Young Living is truly one work from home company that I think might be a fit for you. You don't HAVE to share the oils, but you will probably find it happens organically as a result of you sharing your experiences with them....which you will inevitably do after trying them. When you find something that works brilliantly for you and your family, you want all your friends and family to know, right?
I wanted to share a post I made on Facebook the other day that might explain a little as to how you can actually earn within the Young Living company and how it really doesn't take too much effort depending on what you want to put into it.

If this explanation below doesn't cover all your questions then feel free to comment below with questions or contact us using the contact form on the right of this post. Thanks!!

"Remember after you've purchased these oils you have the opportunity to work with Young Living by sharing your experience and love of these oils. If people ask you to sign them up you can benefit from this. As an example, if in the first month you get 3 people signed up then that is your money for the starter kit BACK! From there if you continue sharing and more people sign up, if you have a monthly oil order you can essentially have that paid for with the money you earn from sharing. If you love this product as much as we do then there is no need to go out and "sell". This product sells itself with the unmatched quality and fact that oils are truly beneficial.
I made a quick graphic that shows how successful you can really by just by sharing your love for these little bottles of magic!* (No they're not really magic...but in my opinion they may as well be....haha!*)
This graphic is and the numbers are not an exaggeration, we know a few people who are very close to the top and have made big life changes due to this awesome rewards program.
Again, you don't have to be a great "salesperson". If you have a social media account and like to talk about things you love, then use that, if you enjoy teaching then set up a class or two and teach people about these oils. There is no set way to do it, but once you have started truly using them in your home, I know you're going to want to talk non-stop about them.
If you haven't signed up yet then get in touch, our team is an AWESOME team and has so many tools to help you get started in the business side. They cover everything you will need to know and Clyde and I are happy to give support including helping you out with your first class or ideas on how to get started with sharing. PM me and let's get you set up to receive your oils so you can start on your own oily journey. Get those toxins and chemicals out of your house into the trash, and learn about the awesome oils that can replace ALL of that nasty stuff with things that will improve your wellness in SO many ways. I have recipes galore so again, ASK ME!" {This is from a post I made on our public Facebook page for An Ameriglish Home...go find us on there!}

Hope Holiday plans are coming together for everyone. I have to admit to feeling a little flustered, but five children might have a little something to do with that though! haha! At least most of my wrapping has been taken care of for now, thanks to my mum! Wahoo!

(oh my gosh just noticed my spelling mistake with "Platinum"...urgh. Apologies to any spelling crazies out there!!!)

~Stay well....xoxo

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