Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to make {Macarons}

I wanted to make something fun for our anniversary (which is tomorrow) but we don't have funds right now to go out and get specific things, so I had to think about what we had around the house already. I did a quick search of the baking cabinet, and found all the ingredients for Macarons, and they seemed perfectly fitting for the occasion. I used the same recipe from Archer's birthday, which can be found here. Beware, her blog is littered with SO MANY delightful looking treats...you might get distracted from the task in hand. I know I have been in the past.

I wanted to do a quick step by step pictures for you, as i've had success so far with them, so thought it might help seeing what things looked for. Unfortunately my camera died before they came out of the oven so I just used the ones from August to show the end product.

Hope these pics help. My one bit of advice is to read the directions through, including her tips. I didn't have parchment paper this time, and that really helps with the foot in my opinion, since I had to oil the pans they were affected and didn't rise as well. SO STICK TO HER DIRECTIONS!!

 Make sure all ingredients are out and prepped beforehand.
This was pre-sugar. (I don't buy the fine sugar, I throw my regular sugar in the ninja for a couple seconds and save on the extra $$)

Your sugared egg whites should be stiff and shiny.
 Don't be tempted to skip the sieve step!! It's important!

 Add the colour at this stage or before you add the dry mix. Just don't over stir.
 A good tip for filling your bag is to hang it over a glass so you can have a steady hand while filling.
 Remember...PARCHMENT PAPER works best!! 

I use Martha Stewarts macaron filling, which is perfect as far as not being too sweet.

I hand made a little gift too, which I'll have to share tomorrow, since the husband often comes on here and I don't want to ruin it. :) 

It's our WILLOW anniversary, (or "pottery", or modern day "leather"), so that's NINE years for us. Pretty wild how fast the years pass. I'll check in tomorrow to share the gift idea I had.

{In keeping with the "sweet" theme, here's a picture of our wedding cake, nine years ago.
Right before I had a big piece shoved in my face. Yes...he didn't hold back, and totally ruined my makeup!!  Don't worry, I got him just as good. ;) }

Stay well, ~xoxo

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  1. Can't wait to try this. We actually will be making this today. I'll have to look into the filling.Hope they will turn out because I have heard that they are pretty picky. :)


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