Wednesday, January 6, 2016

{The one where we went to Florida...}

Hello blog readers!

I figured I have a few posts to catch up on, but I wanted to share some vacation pics, because we just had the most delightful time spent with family over Christmas. We stayed with my husbands Aunt and Uncle in Clearwater area of Florida, and oh my was bliss, and SO needed. Despite the weather here in Ohio being unseasonably toasty {ok...not toasty, but not the normal finger numbing cold} we just needed a break from the monotony of every day life during the winter months.
This family are some of our most favourite people, and to say they were fun puts it mildly. We had a total blast and the kids fell into bed every night completely and utterly shattered.

From the moment we got there they were in the pool and basically didn't get out until dark, with a few meals thrown in here and there. We went to the beach and there they wouldn't get out of the ocean. I guess our littles are "beach bums" and I loved seeing them so obviously, we're going to have to move to a beach area. Haha! We were most surprised by our daughter who was brilliant on the boogie board, the best in fact. She has struggled a little with balance in the past, for instance riding a bike is still tricky for her, but the moment she tried this you could see her face light up. She even loved to "wipe out". It was so fun to watch her bonding with my husband's cousin too while he taught her some tricks of boogie boarding. We have some awesome family.

 We even managed to sneak in a girls morning, where we went to get our nails done (I got told I looked like Brooke Hogan (!!!!) by the owner who says Brooke comes in to get her nails done there, and that if I got gel nails and a pedi I might be able to find a husband. Hahahahaha!) and for a ladies lunch of basically every appetizer on the menu and tropical cocktails while the boys morning consisted of a boat trip and lunch. So nice to just have a parent time out with friends!

It was just lovely being around family that we rarely see, watching the children have a blast with them all and also being able to have some adult time in the evenings where we stayed up wildly late each night putting the world to rights and laughing...a lot. Even having an intense game of beer pong which i've never played before, but WON the championship along with my partner Connor, much to the distress of my competitive husband. Hahaha!

Well I will post some pics and have that be the rest of the explanation of our time away, and thank our fantastic hosts once again. They fed/sheltered/entertained a huge group of us and it was fun from start to finish.

Look at their faces. This was a dream of theirs, and I never imagined they'd catch anything,
let alone such awesome looking fish!
Me, my best friend and the hostess with the mostest!

Tell me these sandy feets don't melt your heart!?!

~Stay well, xoxo

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