Sunday, January 10, 2016

When the Dollar Spot at Target is on point....{Haul pics}

Oh my goodness guys....if you live in the States and have a Target near you, you should go. Is anyone else a lover of all things Target?? So I love their Dollar Spot as a rule, for the gems you so often find, but today was particularly awesome. I am a big "planner", so in turn I love all things planner related, and in the dollar spot today I found SUCH cute things for those of us who are OCD, organizationally minded and who love nonsense things that most people will never understand. I did us all a favour and bought a few of the pieces, you know, so I could take pictures for YOU guys, I mean, it's only polite! ;)  (may have bought a few bits for my mum too because she also dies over this stuff!)
Here are the pics and descriptions from today's haul:

 So they had these cute little mini ring binder folders and sold separately different inserts, that had three hole punches that fit perfectly. They had daily/weekly planner type calendar, flag stickers for planning, tear out notepad, dividers, journal type pages and more. seriously, these things are awesome, and everything priced at either $1 or $3. So basically you can put together a perfect planner with add-ons for less than $12. Bargain!!! You can also go to their stationary section and find more bits to fit these style folders, so it's not exclusively found in the dollar spot, so no fear if it leaves after the season. These prints/styles are SUPER cute. Gold and dusty pastel colours, and stripes/floral prints.

These felt envelopes which they had this time last year and sold out SUPER fast. We had a bunch at ours today, but maybe it was the day they put them out? They are $1 and have so many potential uses, including just toting your planner accessories around (pens, stickers etc.). Matching pencils with erasers to the planner folders. Some floral and another pack that had all the days of the week in gold on them. Seriously SO cute!
Look how cute this wall calendar is. $3. The writing is in gold foil and looks gorgeous, the picture somehow butchered that part, apologies. But wall calendars are usually at least $12+ so I sort of loved this.

They had SO much more to choose from, but I had a budget (I just returned a sweater so I was spending the equivalent of that....) but lots of stationary, knickknacks, signage, fairy lights, containers etc. So much cuteness that are not only perfect for yourself, but for gifts. 

Now off of the stationary side of things, I found a few cute little accent pieces for our mantle and entryway for Valentines season. I can't have a bare mantle, and don't have the spare $$ to decorate the mantle in a more permanent way yet. {Restoration Hardware better watch out for when i'm ready, i'll be busting their doors down when we can justify spending $$ on frivalous decor! ;) } 
But for now I use the dollar spot to decorate for the seasons and it fills in blank spaces and 
makes the house feel festive. 

Love the Gold theme they have going on right now, and I even branched off and went with the splash of hot pink too, because why not?!
 This cute hashtag and arrow sign below $1, the banner and the candle holder 
(bigger than a votive size) also $1.

These just fell in my cart too, a confetti popper (because, hello, CONFETTI!), pinwheel straws just because they're delightful and i'm sure we will have some cutesy picnic in the spring where they will be PERFECT, and darling polka treat bags.
 I couldn't leave this stripey milk jug either.... $1!!! Could you??

Ok, well there's the end of my Target dollar spot haul (now known as Bullseye's Playground, which I can't get on board with....). 
I felt I had to include my blog readers in what I got so you guys know whether you want to race there too. ;) 

Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday, we are off to our in-laws and are expecting a karaoke sesh from the children over there, so wish us luck!!

~Stay Well friends, xoxo

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