Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1st Grade History project {homeschool}

We had so much fun this morning studying King Tut that I had to share with any of my fellow homeschoolers that might be in the need of a fun no-stress project to change things up.

We love history in this house and so we look forward to school days when we study it. We chose King Tut as a theme recently, and even made a trip to the Carnegie museum where we looked at all the Egyptian goodies up there. The kids all squealed when they saw the skeleton that had been preserved. 

Yup, there it is!......

We took a lot of inspiration from this exhibition, and they all took something different from it. Brock and Summer loved all the beads and jewelry they made, and had found in tact, Sky loved the skeletons and the idea of the mummifying! Haha! 

They read a bit about King Tut and so I decided they would do a project. They enjoy doing mini studies where we go into depth. We watched you tube videos all about him and his life, and even about how they prepare the mummies. Brilliant and gory! 

We researched hieroglyphs and their meanings, and we even found their names as they have names that are also "things". Sky did ask me the symbols for car/spaceship...to which we had to have a "Duh!!" moment, and both had a good laugh at his "time" mistake.

At home I put together a little pamphlet that they could fill in from memory and colour after we studied together. It was great fun, and they love having something they can keep and show people to teach others about King Tut. So if you ever stop by our house, you can look forward to that. We have a few more historical figure studies, so I will share those in the future. I might put together a template and a lesson plan if these become a thing, and will happily share the unit with you all.

Here's a little look at what we did for the King Tut study. I just folded and wrote the bold letters, other than that he did the cuttings, sticking and colouring etc.:

..and this, our little Egyptian queen! We had so much fun researching the makeup they used back then and how they would adorn themselves. The heiroglyphics on her headdress have the meaning "Summer", she was SO pleased we found them. 

Hope if you're a homeschooler this gives you an idea with changing things up a bit, and also keeping things simple. I've seen lots of projects that seem very thorough, that you can buy, but for this age it just seems a waste of money to spend when they have limited attention spans, and this way I can cater it to their age and how much I think they will be able to do without losing interest. I want them to be excited about their work, and so keeping it simple and engaging is key for us.

Well, off to eat some lunch, it's been rather a long morning....

Stay well ~xoxo

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  1. Loved this. Learning about King Tut is so much fun. I loved that you went to a museum as well. We love doing unit studies. Those are The best. Loved your little Egyption queen and her makeup. How fun is that. :)


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