Thursday, August 4, 2016

Healthy dinners....let's do this!

 Quick post to share my dinner! Haha!! I always mean to post when I eat something that I think you guys would like, so here I am...finally doing it. Even posting iphone pics, which is unheard of for me. Yikes!

So {again} I am trying to budge this weight I gained with my pregnancies and due to me having endo/'s not an easy task. I am not great at the whole exercise thing right now because quite simply, it hurts. I have so much scar tissue and my organs have been slowly fusing together due to it all, and so any medium/high impact workouts are agony to me.

However, I can't use this excuse entirely because I could do yoga, pilates or something else low impact, i'm just not motivated enough/super lazy at the end of the day after dealing with the 5 kiddos and all their needs. I think when we move to Florida I might feel more inspired and motivated to get that swimsuit bod, and plus, Clyde will be around so I will be able to get out to the gym/run around the block if needs be. So for now, I'm just trying to get my diet in order...

Over the next couple weeks I'm going to share some of my favourite things to eat when i'm trying to do the best things for my body in hopes that it might give you some ideas, and i'd LOVE to get links to your recipes too, so share in the comments and i'll check them out.

Tonights dinner:                              Avo salad (aka: basic guac)   .....

1 medium cubed avo.
2 medium chopped toms.
Chopped red onion (however much you like)
Chopped basil (I was all out, ugh.)
Juice of half a lime
(use the other half squeezed in a glass of ice water...SOOO good and beneficial!)
Himalayan pink salt to taste.
Combine and eat alone or with a healthy cracker/rice cracker

Green bean "fries".
Pre-heat oven to 450F
Handful of green beans (de-stalked and washed)
Your choice of seasoning
Olive or Avo. oil

Lay beans on tray, drizzle with oil (go easy!) and sprinkle seasoning on. Change it up and experiment to find your favourite combo. 
Bake in oven for 12-18mins (or until they look good to you...I like mine a little crispy)

Seriously...these replace fries for me, like they are AS good! Make sure you get good quality beans, and I promise, for a quick go-to snack, these are FAB and super satisfying. that's it for food for now....

......but before I go I just wanted to share some pics from a little impromptu newborn photoshoot that I did the other day. This little guy came for a visit to my house the other day and I just had to snap some pics. He's just scrumptious, isn't he? I figured we can all do with some baby deliciousness in our day,'re welcome! ;)

 If you are on a bit of a health kick too at the moment, please stay in touch, i'd love to hear progress reports, give pep talks if you need a friend to encourage you or get in on your tasty but healthy recipes! (keep them simple...i'm a mama of the end of the day, I can't be dealing with multiple step dinners...but let's share!) Feel free to share your blog in the comments, or your Instagram and i'll come follow. Don't forget to follow me too! My links are in the sidebar. Comment on a pic and make yourself known, I want to get to know my readers.

Well i'm off for a face mask and to catch up on UK Big Brother....if the face mask is a good one i'll give you a little review tomorrow. What's your favourite face mask? Peel off? Clay? Which brand? High End? Drugstore?

Stay well,

Jessie, xoxo

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