Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Maybelline and Milani makeup review....

This one is for my makeup enthusiasts....

If you know me at all you will know I'm a budding makeup artist (i'm currently in school for it so when I start doing it professionally I have some real training under my {makeup brush} belt.) and I also have started working with Influenster where they send me products and I get to review them. Umm...yes please!!  (If you are interested in signing up, head over HERE and get started! Just choose a night when your relaxing with your feet up in front of netflix and answer their questions as they get to know you, and then wait to see if you're chosen! It's literally thrilling...i'm hoping that's not just because i'm a mum! hahaha!) 
So before I show my makeup look that i've created for you, I wanted to show you my review on the product Influenster sent me. A full size Better Skin Powder from Maybelline....

{Influenster sent me the product but opinions and all words used to 
describe the products performance are my own.} moving on to my personal review. I watch a bunch of different beauty gurus on YouTube and i've heard of Milani makeup so many times, I just rarely shop anywhere that sells it. So I had my husband drop me at Walgreens and CVS so I could run in, kid free, and grab some bits. 
 I picked up the Everyday Eyes Earthly Elements palette and the Foil Eye Shine palette in Florence. Oh my gosh! For the price point, and it being "drugstore" makeup these pallettes were {mostly} pigmented and apply like a dream! You can see in the swatches which ones weren't so pigmented, but the main colours you would use were beautiful. The foil shadows are a cream texture and so fun to play with. There are so many cute looks you could achieve with these palettes. I bought the foils because I saw that they had similar earthy colours and wanted to try layering it on top. This was my final look with the mattes as my base and finished off with a an eye catching shimmer.
I paired it with an overdrawn dark purple lip. I overdrew as an experiment, I have a very thin top lip and have wanted to try it to see what it would look like. It was fun to see, but not a look that I like as far as doing it with makeup. I would consider lip injections as it is something that personally bothers me about my face, but as far as "overdrawing" Kylie Jenner style, it isn't my thing. At least I can say i've tried it. 

Everyday Eyes Earthly Elements palette and the Foil Eye Shine palette in Florence by Milani.
You're welcome Barne's and Noble workers/goers....I had a full face on after doing this look this morning before leaving the house, including lippy that really dressed up my yoga pants and tank. Felt like quite the sight chasing after the kids hunting for the books they wanted while looking like this! haha!

Swatches on left are "foils" the rest from the Earthly Elements Palette.

What do you guys think of the look? Do you think this still counts as natural even though it's a little more "out there", or is this a super glam look for you?
What are your favourite Milani products you think I need to try?

I have a few exciting things I need to blog about here soon, as soon as I can share I will...but for now, I hope everyone is having a great positive week and looking forward to the weekend. We have our baby turning 2 and i'm trying to keep it together! haha! Will update the blog with party pics, of course.

Stay well, Jessie xoxo

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