Monday, August 1, 2016

Stuffed pasta shells {Family Dinner}

What's for dinner? Need a nice "from scratch" (kind of....I mean I didn't make the pasta...cuz....nope!) meal? This one is a crowd pleaser!

I based my recipe off this one HERE from Whole Foods website.
I just tweaked it here and there with herbs I chose to use, and I added mascarpone too. So halved the ricotta and made up the rest with mascarpone, just for a little added flavour and texture.
I resentfully made my own marinara, as it wasn't until I'd gotten halfway through and realized I was out. Don't do that. Always check your cupboards beforehand...don't do a me.'s step by step pics of what I did, as I always find it helpful. 
It was super yummy and ALL the kids, baby included, LOVED it!
(I made extra so we had leftovers for later in the week too....always try to do that with homemade'll thank yourself when you've had a tough day and don't have to buy pizza!)

*Bon Appetit!*

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