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A big reason for me wanting to keep a blog was because I felt I had something to share that might help other girls/women. I have looked for help myself on this subject and have found dead ends over and over and over, or more often than not, I just find women looking for answers, exactly like I am.
It's pretty dismal considering this is such a widespread disease and yet it's still such an overlooked diagnosis.

This disease from what I know comes in all different degrees. Some women barely notice it, others have it affect their entire life (like me!). I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo when I was 25. Even though my periods were never normal from the age of 12, it took me until I was 19 to be diagnosed with endo. It took years for them to admit that I was suffering from more than just "painful periods". Anyone else had moments of rage black outs where you wanted to punch whoever suggested it was just "bad period pain" to you?? Yep...me too. It was so insulting to me. I have a high pain threshold and tend to go every day holding back tears, and trying to keep up with all the "normal" bodies so that I wouldn't be accused of faking it or being dramatic.

I had been known to faint from pain or throw up when it was my time of the month. For me, personally, I had pain 24/7, but during my time of the month was a particular struggle. That pain that would double me over clenching my stomach, and back and wanting to lay in fetal position and not move. It was not comparable to when my girlfriends had cramps and took a cup of tea and hot water bottle to bed. Besides all that, I had children to take care of and a house to run. I had to try and pretend this pain was not there. The stress of simply putting up with this pain damages your body in itself. I was getting all kinds of other aches and pains where I was now keeping stress as well as the actual endo pain.

Often you will find that endo is not the only disease you are suffering from, and that it comes hand in hand with other conditions. A lot of the time you wouldn't put two and two together as all being related to endo, but you will be surprised! There is a long list of endo related illnesses so I won't get into all that right now, that's more something I'll go over in seperate posts. I want to link to some really accurate write ups for you all to read, that were written by the Dr office where I previously had my surgery done. The two Dr's names are Dr Sinervo and Dr Albee. I  dealt with Dr Sinervo, and he was just amazing! I've heard equal things about Dr Albee too.

These men truely know what they are talking about and are so ready to help. I will link to their website at this point so you can have a read and really look into some of the things that you think apply to you. Your quality of life is so important and so taking time to do this is worth every second. Click on the image to go to their site.

If you only have time to read one article then make it this one:

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